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What is Joy Journey's Story

SUKHA Joy Journeys......finding JOY through meditation, art, yoga and sound showers........What is the difference between JOY and HAPPINESS?.... being happy shifts and changes because life shifts and changes........feeling JOY is within.....deep penetrating and part of your breath, your soul and your being......find your JOY let me help you.    Luvkaz

6 Week Meditation Course 

starts 27th January 2022 6.00pm

Is it really living a life? Is it what you want to continue? That feeling of rushing to the next thing- That feeling of not really being present and just ticking boxes throughout your day. That was me for years and I just had to change to save myself from myself.

Make peace a priority, make slowing down a goal and make the PRESENT your reality. START now by finding the best way for you to Meditate daily.  

Candle gazing

Mala Beads

Guided Meditations

Sound Shower Meditation and more

Contact me for more information

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Therapy Group Yoga classes starts 26th January 2022  in Mooloolah

6pm Wednesday nights (school terms)

 41 Smith Drive Mooloolah Valley. 

Enjoy the benefits of really creating a relationship with your yoga and noticing the improvements that come with a daily yoga program. The Joy Journeys studio is air-conditioned with all of the facilities a studio needs to make this a wonderful and comfortable experience. This is a small, community minded group that will welcome you in.

Contact me for more information.

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Daily Yoga Programs designed by me.

It is about you and I designing a 20 minute practice that includes all of the yoga "tools" to help you feel healthier and happier....You then take the practice sheet home with you and do it at home DAILY (hopefully in addition to your weekly yoga class).

It costs $80 for a 1 hour session where I am totally devoted to the process of your yoga practice and not only will we have fun but you will walk away with something that is all about you and your movement forward. Increase your flexibility, strength, resilience and motivation by practicing your personalised 20 minute daily yoga medicine. 

What sort of tools you may ask??? well here are just a few..

# I can record a meditation for you that will be directed towards your needs.

# I can research and provide you with postures that will alleviate discomfort and tightness.

# I can suggest standing postures to increase fitness and resilience using small weights.

# You could learn how to use physio bands to increase flexibility and mobility.

# Chair yoga can be used for subtle and powerful twists and strengthening postures.

Contact me for more information.

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Restful Rhythm Retreats Mooloolah Valley

Join us for a Day retreat you choose the day.

Saturday 10am - 4pm $125

includes; Yoga Class - Sound Healing Session - Indian food and salad lunch/swim - Art Therapy Workshop

Sunday 10am - 4pm $125

includes; Yoga class - Sound Healing session - Indian food and salad lunch/swim -Art Therapy Workshop

Mooloolah Valley

Contact me for more information.

Book and Pay Here.

Sound Shower Experience

I invite you to join me in a Sound Shower Meditation Workshop. I will take you through a  vibrational healing series including different sounds from my instruments and voice (Mantra). Lay down, release, let go and allow ......just simply allow.  

Sound Showers have been used to work with a number of conditions including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and dementia.

2 hour workshops available in my studio or in yours.

Contact me for more information.

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Introduction Yantra Painting Meditation Workshops

Really it is so organic and beautiful to paint with the amazing geometric shape of Yantra and lose yourself in meditation while concentrating on it and fall away from the habit of  your BUSY MIND while painting Yantra.

This 3 hour workshop will help you to find JOY in simply being and while you are painting you are not in any time you are PRESENT. 

This is a  powerful ancient Meditation tool and this workshop is very much a gentle taster. I am always available for more in depth study on these subjects.

Contact me for more information.

Book and Pay here.

Mala Beads Meditation and Thread your own set Workshop


So many of us have been given a set of Mala Beads and not being aware of what they are for will wear them as a necklace but in fact these beautiful pieces are amazing traditional meditation tools. Let me show you how to use them and to thread them to make your own set.  All in this way in a safe friendly and kind environment.

 Mala beads have been around for thousands of years, created in India over 3,000 years ago. They are rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism and are meant to help you focus your mind during meditation.

Mala beads traditionally have 108 beads. 

The largest bead, in the center, is known as the guru. It is said to hold the energy generated during your practice.

There are always 108 beads on malas. The number is often described as the numerical equivalent of “Om,” one of the most important spiritual sounds in meditation. Also, the relationship between your inner and outer environment is described by the 108 beads. 

Contact me for more information. 

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Zoom  Yoga Class 

Starts Tuesday 25th January 2022 6pm. 

I am delighted to say our weekly Zoom Yoga class is a kind gentle community of yogi's that connect each week and join online to stretch and strengthen our bodies using props everyone has at home and we end the class with a calm and magical shavasana......Yoga Relaxation. Community in union....... community in YOGA.  

Tuesday nights at 6pm (school  terms)

Contact me for more information 

Book and Pay here

Yoga Nidra Experience

Using traditional methods I will take you into an hour of Yoga Nidra Meditation to softly guide your mind, body and soul into a safe peaceful place. You will lay down and completely relax into a warm comfortable space. 

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness a state of care free being. It is a conscious Deep Sleep. The practice of Yoga Nidra connects you to your subconscious and your unconscious, the parts of you that contain your greatest strengths, abilities, knowledge and wisdom. 

Contact me for more information.

Book and Pay Here.

I wrote a book!

 Healing from your Divorce 8 practical steps.

I wrote this book years after becoming a yoga teacher and many years after my divorce because I felt I was ready and had earned the right to give advice on the subject.

The more yoga I practiced and the more I meditated I realised that healing from your divorce is so important and much more preferable than just Getting over IT!

I understand totally that it's hard. I know it's a climb but I also know deep in my heart that it is possible and with the steps I have written in the book it will be productive and life changing.

Yoga has made me want to be kinder and to help people and that's exactly what this book is about. The book is also to listen to available at AUDIBLE

Buy this book on AMAZON 

Testimonial......'Thoroughly enjoyed working with you Karen! You did such a great job with your narration and I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed your experience here with me at Brisbane Audiobook Production 🙏'

About ME

I started teaching yoga in 2004. After years of training, attending workshops and personal study I began to develop my own style of teaching. I like to teach a relaxed class incorporating traditional asana, pranayama and shavasana. I aim to increase flexibility and strength of the body gently effectively and slowly. I am also very aware of most students anxiety level and always design a class that is primarily effective yet relaxing.

Yoga is more than a series of postures. It is a way of life, a gentleness,

a joy and a privilege to be enjoyed by every BODY.

I have been facilitating Art and Sound Therapy workshops for the last 12 months and found them to be of a huge benefit to clients seeking a bridge between being in an anxious state and getting a Yoga Therapy Program. Sometimes people need to just simply relax and get their mind in order. 

'" Miss your energy Kaz ❤️ I re-visited my personalised program today & finished off with the beautiful meditation you gave me, sets me off beautifully for the rest of the day xx'"Melissa

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher studying in New Farm.

I have completed a certificate in yoga teaching with Swami Sarasvati

I have completed a Certificate in Yoga Therapy with   as a fully qualified and registered Yoga Therapist.

Contact me.