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What's happening at Joy Journeys

With Yog​a we create a new life each day

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Sound Shower Meditation  Workshop

When: 6.00pm 

Friday 4th March 2022

Where: Mooloolah Valley

How much:  $40PP $70 for 2

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Yantra Painting Workshop

When: 10am - 1pm Saturday 5th March 2022

Where: Mooloolah Valley

How much: $60

Book and Pay 

Yoga Therapy Class 

(School terms)

When: Wednesday Night 6pm starts 26th January 2022 (school terms)

Where: Mooloolah Studio

How much: $15

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Restful Rhythm Day Retreat

When: 9am - 4pm 

5th February 2022

Where: Mooloolah Valley

How much: $125 per day

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Meditation Course starts Thursday 6.30pm 27th January 2022 

$60 full 6 week course fee

Joy awaits you at the end of dedication to your meditation.

Take this opportunity to join us and explore several different ways to meditate and find the one that works for you. This will be a small group in a safe and welcoming environment. $60 full course fee

Book and Pay he​re

The 8 limbs of Yoga include DHYANA Meditation

I meditate because sometimes my mind keeps going and I desperately need to turn off the crazy chatter before I start talking to myself out loud.

I can't stop ideas flowing through my mind but they fly past too fast and I can't catch them. 

Meditation slows down the creative 'colour' so I can see it's beauty.

I go through stages when all I want to do is eat for no reason meditation replaces food I don't need.

I stop, relax meditate and fill the body with real nourishment.

I'm not a good crier and rarely cry so when I'm feeling sad and can't release it like my lucky sooky friends so I meditate and it dissipates the sadness in a generous organic flow.

Bottom line is I can't do without meditation it truly is my food my friend my breath my life......I love it.. KAZ